KET – Sofia is the successor of a technical company, established in 1934, which has developed and expanded over the years to produce components for various branches of industry – transport, light industry, radio engineering, electrical and electronic industries, computer and office equipment, automotive equipment, security equipment, household goods, toys.
The company is a Bulgarian manufacturer, creating products according to its projects and developments, as well as according to the requirements of clients.
With the help of subcontractors, standard and non-standard tooling are designed and manufactured – punches, injection molds, fittings and equipment. The company manufactures plastic and metal products, final assembly of finished products, develops economic and commercial activities. Performs assembly of accessories.
KET clients include companies from Bulgaria, UK, France, Germany, USA and others. The manufactured products are certified according to the requirements of both the Bulgarian state standards and international standards – DIN, IEC, BS, ISO.